James' trifecta of debut books--two non-fiction, one techno-thriller novel--published in 2016 all share one common trait: A Passion for Research. The foundation of any good story begins with detail of an era, scent of a locale, and layers of a person. 

Grundvig has researched, written and published dozens of articles, ranging from energy and sustainability, to terrorism, art crime, and technology, in the Huffington Post, Epoch Times, Financial Times Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) magazine, Law.com (James is not a lawyer), Football.com, among other media outlets. 

James's favorite subject, Eschatology (n)--'the part of theology concerned with death, judgment, and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind'--as applied to failure of systems and decline of cultures, with recent examples in the BP Oil Spill, terrorism, and the creation of a bogeyman in the Zika virus by U.S. healthcare agencies to foment fear for money. 

His blog ZikaGreen.com will cover all subjects Zika with Scare Tactics to Green with Greed.

What they are Saying


Breaking Van Gogh is "written like a detective novel, journalist James Grundvig takes the reader on a rollicking ride through the high-stakes world of art and art forgery. Breaking van Gogh is a fast-paced and engrossing expose of the shady underbelly of the art world."

           - Robert K. Wittman, founder of the FBI's Art Crime Unit and New York Times bestselling                author of Priceless


"Step it up Tom Clancy; there's a new suitor in town. And James Grundvig's cocktail of dolphins, drones, terrorism, special ops, and the latest military gadgets all wrapped inside layers of impending massacre and international intrigue is an intelligent and information thriller..."

          - Ron Lealos, author of Pashtun, Don't Mean Nuthin' and The Sixth Man

". . . The fins, as they are known, have unusual appeal, and readers will hope that any sequels will showcase more of their incredible capabilities."

          - Publishers Weekly

"James Grundvig's novel Dolphin Drone revolves around the fascinating use of specially trained dolphins by both the US Navy and the former Soviet Navy that combines not only known facts but also some of the speculation about the two once-secret programs."

          - Bob Furlong, former British Commando and consultant for Jane's International Defense               Review


"As James Grundvig brilliantly points out in the pages that follow without Poul Thorsen [one of the 'Manipulators'], there would have been no Danish studies for the CDC to misuse all these years as the spear tip for its propaganda campaign. . ."

          - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., from the book's Introduction

Credit for all photographs on this website: James O. Grundvig